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Xiaomi 13 Ultra With Leica Camera To Launch Globally In April

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Xiaomi has confirmed the rumors surrounding the alleged imminent launch of a new Ultra model of its current 13 series. In April, together with the German camera manufacturer Leica, they want to present the Xiaomi 13 Ultra – which will then also be launched worldwide.

As Xiaomi announced today via its social media channels, it plans to launch the Xiaomi 13 Ultra later this month. It is said to be an absolute high-end variant of the Xiaomi 13 series smartphones, which is said to be above the Xiaomi 13 Pro and is therefore even more expensive.

Xiaomi stated that the Ultra model will “debut” in April and then be “available in global markets within the coming months”. Most recently, a relatively large gap was left between the China launch of its current top models and their global launch. Although Xiaomi indicates that this could change in the case of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, this is probably not certain.

High-end Leica Summicron optics for all sensors

Meanwhile, the fact that the announcement comes today is not surprising, since it is the 13th anniversary of the founding of Xiaomi. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is said to have new Leica Summicron optics that outshine all previous products. In addition, you want to offer consistently very high image quality and excellent lenses across all camera sensors.

So far, most high-end smartphones have offered outstanding quality with the main camera, but if you switch to ultra wide-angle or zoom cameras, the quality usually drops considerably. With the new Xiaomi flagship, this should change with the help of Leica, so that the image quality should be extremely high over the entire focal length range.

According to rumors, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 octa-core SoC and will have an extremely large camera module on the back. The 1-inch Sony IMX 989 sensor is said to be used again, which should be combined with powerful ultra wide-angle and zoom cameras.

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