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Xiaomi CC Series Ultra Thin Phone To Have Another Model Soon

Mi CC9 Pro

In June 2019, the new CC series of Xiaomi mobile phones was officially launched. It is a trendy mobile phone targeting young people. Its main highlights are a stylish appearance and excellent camera performance. In July of the same year, Xiaomi released three new CC series phones, namely Xiaomi CC9, Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition and Xiaomi CC9e.

Moreover, the fully upgraded flagship Mi CC9 Pro also met consumers in November last year. With the Snapdragon 730G processor and the 100-megapixel main camera, the device has been snapped up by many young consumer groups as soon as it went on sale.

Recently, a new Xiaomi 5G model with the model M2101K9C passed the radio equipment test. In this regard, a Chinese blogger revealed on Weibo that this Xiaomi 5G mobile phone will be a new ultra-thin phone based on a new high-performance platform and is expected to be launched first. It is worth noting that the blogger stated in his Weibo comment reply that the new device is not used to play games. At the same time, Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi Group, previously revealed that Xiaomi will have two new models that focus on thinness and lightness.

Combining the above two points it can be speculated that this new device with 5G capability is a CC series sequel. It is worth mentioning that, for users to speculate whether the Mi CC series is gone, Xiaomi product manager @Cici_老魏 denied that the Mi CC series still exists.

The specific release time of the new Xiaomi CC series is still uncertain. From the perspective of the positioning of the Xiaomi CC series, one of the main selling points of this series is taking pictures. Its opponents are Huawei, OPPO, Vivo’s nova series, Reno series and X series.