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Check Out This Cool Revolutionary Xiaomi Modular Smartphone

Xiaomi is seemingly working on a new modular smartphone, containing three changeable parts. Read here to learn more about this device.

Xiaomi is reportedly working on a new device, which has three changeable parts – you heard me right. This is going to be amazing – we could change three parts of this modular phone if and when required.

So according to the report, the three changeable parts include: (1) the top module, which contains the rear cameras and the circuit board housing the processor, RAM and storage of the phone, (2) the middle module, which has the battery, and (3) the bottom module, housing the USB charging port and the speaker. So, basically, it is the whole smartphone – I am imagining a Lego-like smartphone.

Image by: LetsGoDigital

So, according to this image, there could be three types of top modules – (1) a horizontal triple-camera system, (2) a rectangular triple-camera, and (3) a no-camera at all modules. However, another image from LetsGoDigital tells a little different story.

Image by: LetsGoDigital

According to this image, we have three different types of top modules again – (1) a horizontal quad-camera system, (2) a rectangular triple-camera setup, and (3) a horizontal triple-camera system with a display housed beside it. Note that these are renders created by a third party. We aren’t certain if Xiaomi will actually bring a similar device or not.

Image by: LetsGoDigital

You could see the box containing two bottom modules in the image above, suggesting customization in terms of audio options. One might even bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack.

These modules are seemingly easily replaceable by simply sliding the out in either direction.

The company recently secured the number one position in 12 smartphone markets for Q1 2021. If the renders shared above are true and the company is working on a modular device like this, we could expect an even higher profit for the company, with fame touching skies.