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Xiaomi introduces its first imaging chip, the Surge C1

During the Xiaomi Mega March launch event, the company introduced its first ISP chip, the Surge C1. Mi Mix Fold is the first to carry this chip.

Xiaomi said it would enter the electric vehicle manufacturing business and invest a sum of $10 billion over 10 years. And it will also introduce its chip, the Surge C1.

The introduction of the Surge C1 doesn’t mean that the company is now fully independent and will not require any chip or unit from other vendors. Still, it is worth noting that the company is expanding and exploring. Not to forget, the Surge C1 is the company’s first professional imaging chip. Back in 2017, Xiaomi introduced its first Surge chip, the Surge S1.

Since the Surge C1 is an ISP chip, which means it is an independent smartphone imaging chip. The chip uses self-developed ISP and algorithms to help smartphones perform advanced 3A processing.

3A refers to AF focusing, AWB white balance, and AE automatic exposure. The new chip by Xiaomi with dual filters can achieve parallel processing of high and low-frequency signals, increasing the signal processing efficiency by 100%.

Xiaomi MIX Fold is the first smartphone coming with the Surge C1.

Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun said:

We want to climb the high peak of innovative technologies … and we will not stop our exploration (of chips),