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Xiaomi Redmi Next Flagship Will Be Equipped With 5nm Process And Snapdragon 875

Redmi Red Rice 8

In the early hours of this morning, Apple held a new product launch event in the fall of 2020 and officially released a number of products including the Apple Watch and iPad Air. Among them, the brand-new iPad Air 4 first released the 5nm chip A14 bionic, more advanced process technology, and also brought a better user experience.

This morning, Redmi product director Wang Teng commented that he did not expect that the iPad Air 4 first used a 5nm processor, this alone is worth considering. In addition, Wang Teng also said that due to capacity constraints, the supply of 5nm processors next year will be tight.

In addition, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group, president of China, and general manager of the Redmi brand, also shared a post to inquire whether consumers are expecting new products based on 5nm process processors, which seems to imply that Redmi’s next flagship mobile phone will soon adopt 5nm technology chip.

According to the recent product release frequency, the new Snapdragon 875 mobile platform is likely to be unveiled next year, so Redmi’s new flagship is likely to use this processor. Of course, considering the positioning of the Snapdragon 875, Xiaomi is also likely to release a mobile phone equipped with this chip as soon as possible.

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