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Xiaomi Redmi Note Series Gets 3C Certification Offers First 100MP Camera Under $150

Redmi Note 100 MP

It is reported today that the new Redmi Note series has officially obtained 3C certification, which indicates that the device is not far from the official release. Analyzing from the network access information, there are two versions of the Redmi Note series, the corresponding devices should be the standard version and the Pro version. The Pro version supports 33W fast charging as well.

The biggest highlight of the new Redmi Note series is the first use of 100 megapixels at the price of 1,000 Yuan roughly $150. This is the first time that Redmi has used 100MP on the Note series.

At present, on the Xiaomi and Redmi product lines, 100MP camera’s are limited to mid-to-high-end flagships, such as Xiaomi CC9 ProXiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Pro, and so on.

This time Redmi will feature 100MP into the Note series devices. It is reported that 100 megapixels sensor is Samsung HM2. Its sensor size is 1/1.52 inches and the unit pixel area is 0.7μm. It supports 9 pixels in one, which is equivalent to 2.1μm, can effectively increase the amount of light in the extremely dark environment to ensure the details of the picture.

In addition to 100 megapixels, the new Redmi Note series will also debut the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor in China. It is built on an 8nm process. The CPU is an eight-core design with two large cores and six energy-efficient cores. The large core is ARM Cortex A77. , Integrated Adreno 619 GPU.

The naming of the new Redmi Note series is a big suspense. The well informed Chinese blogger said that Redmi’s next-generation Note series is not called Redmi Note 10, and the device will be officially released in November.