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Xiaomi Releases 2nd Generation Of Mi AI Smart Speaker For $30

Xiaomi has released the second generation of AI speakers, which improves the sound quality and IoT experience. It has a built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway and supports combined stereo. The pre-sale price is 199 yuan roughly $30 in China.

The second generation of Mi AI speakers is equipped with six ring microphones. Two brand new Xiaomi AI speakers can be combined into a stereo channel, and support multiple combined whole-house playbacks at the same time. According to reports, the new Xiaomi AI speaker has a deeper low-frequency dive than the previous generation. The inverted cabinet design enhances the low-frequency effect. With the Mi Sound sound algorithm, the dynamic range is wider.

Official data shows that the Xiaomi IoT platform has access to more than 271 million smart devices and supports 89 IoT platforms such as Philips and Op. It is worth mentioning that the new Xiaomi speaker supports Mijia Connect, which can be connected to the Internet with one click.

The second generation of Xiaomi AI speakers has a built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway, which can help hundreds of Bluetooth Mesh devices such as door locks and lights to connect to the Internet. The new Xiaomi AI speaker also supports coordinated wake-up. When there are multiple Xiaomi devices in the home, it can intelligently choose the best way to answer and listen, avoiding a hundred responses.

In addition, the second-generation voiceprint recognition of Xiaomi AI speakers is newly upgraded. The voiceprint can be used across speakers, and multiple speakers do not need to be re-registered. The new Xiaomi AI speaker can also automatically synchronize the user’s QQ music green diamond and favourite playlists, and cooperate with platforms such as Himalaya and Dragonfly FM so that you can “play what you want to hear”.