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Xiaomi sets a world record by assembling world’s largest animated mobile phone mosaic

Xiaomi likes making world records not currently in consumer services but in doing things differently. The company secured a spot in Guinness World Record book when the company inaugurated over 500 Mi stores in India.

Xiaomi earlier made world’s largest light mosaic (logo) which earned the place in Guinness World Record Book, the company has now hit another record by creating the largest animated mobile phone mosaic using Mi Play smartphone in China.

The company has created this gigantic mosaic at the Mi Play launch event in China. Sony earlier had this record which company made back in 2013 MWC with 196 units of Sony Xperia ZL phones.

Xiaomi makes world’s largest smartphone Mosaic

Another Turkish company named Vestel made the similar record using 504 units of the Vestel Venus V3 5570 devices.

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Xiaomi now breaks the earlier records by using 1008 units of Xiaomi Mi Play to create a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is about 8 meters long, it provided high-speed internet to the customers at the launch. According to the company the tree became the center point for many in Beijing on the Christmas Eve. The CEO said the work on Mosaic was completed in 12 hours while the actual design and preparation took 2 weeks. He said the biggest challenge in creating this mosaic was connecting phone screens into a matrix and making sure that all the smartphones are 100 percent in sync.

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