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Xiaomi Starts Android 12 To Its Flagships Earlier Than Google

Xiaomi Android 12

Xiaomi is making Android 12 available in the stable version for the first users. All users who participated in the beta test can update now. This currently only applies to the Chinese market, but that could change soon.

Xiaomi will start distributing the finished Android 12 updates even before Google itself – the company has now announced this via Weibo. This is a big surprise, as the option to update to the finished Android 12 should start now for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, and Mi 11. So far, Xiaomi has been criticized for the slow distribution of new updates. Now the company is pushing forward.

According to the current information, however, only Chinese users of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, or Mi 11 can switch to the stable Android 12 version, and only if they have already participated in the beta test. This is a test run before the Android 12 distribution to all users can be started.

Initially In China Only

At the beginning of the week, the new Android 12 was released as part of the Android Open Source Project, AOSP for short. This means that the stable version of the new mobile OS is not automatically available for end devices. Google announced that it would launch the update for Pixel owners in the coming weeks. Now Xiaomi is ahead of them.

Android 12 update starts

According to the report, Xiaomi has not yet announced a date for the general release of the stable version, it usually takes a few weeks for the testing process to be completed. After it has been ensured that the software and its adjustments are free of major errors, the operating system is gradually moved into a stable channel. After the first tests, Xiaomi will probably bring its adapted software to the global variants very soon.