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Xiaomi to build its own image processing processor (ISP)

Xiaomi is building its own image processing processor (ISP) and will be presented soon.


Xiaomi is kind of hot in the market. The company was not done with making smartphones and other related accessories that it then showed signs of launching its own line of electric vehicles. And now the company has officially announced that it has a new chip of its own design ready.

Earlier, the company had also released the Surge S1 SoC in 2017. But, this time, it wouldn’t be an SoC. According to some leaks, the new chip is an image processing processor (ISP). Modern SoCs have CPUs, GPUs, ISPs, NPUs, and other units dedicated to various tasks.

According to some other reports, the Xiaomi ISP is an independent processor responsible for processing data from the camera. The ISP will process information about colour, lighting and other information collected by the image sensor, producing the highest quality image in the end.

The presentation of the Xiaomi image processing processor (ISP) will take place on March 29.

It is also to be noted that the company is said to be preparing for its line of electric cars with Great Wall Motor Co Ltd. Breaking the news (which the company yet has to officially announce), Hong Kong shares of the Xiaomi Group surged by nearly 8%.