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Xiaomi To Remove Mi Branding From Its Products

Mi branding

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi will say goodbye to its well-known “Mi” brand and will no longer market future products under it. Starting with the Xiaomi Mix 4, the Xiaomi Band 7, Xiaomi 12, and the Xiaomi TV are expected.

Xiaomi without “Mi” is hard to imagine for many supporters of the company. For about 10 years the manufacturer has been using the brand, which in many parts of the world seems almost as common as an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But the abbreviations are known as “Mobile Internet” and “Mission Impossible” no longer seem to fit into the image of the smartphone market leader, which is why it is being dropped with immediate effect. Managers of the Chinese group confirmed this move to XDA Developers.

Decision against “Mi” has far-reaching consequences

In the long term, there are likely to be further changes that the discontinuation of the “Mi” brand will bring with it. Although the sub-brands Poco and Redmi are to be retained, the latter in particular could also disappear from the market at a later point in time. It is questionable how the company will proceed with the Google Android-based Xiaomi MIUI or even change its “Mi” -bearing company logo in the future. An upcoming event on September 15, 2021, could shed light on this.

The Xiaomi Mix 4 will be the first smartphone that appears without the “Mi” branding. Other devices from a wide variety of product categories will also say goodbye to the familiar name affix. So it can be assumed that you will hear about the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi Band 7, or the Xiaomi TV in the coming weeks. Apart from smartphones and gadgets, projectors, fans, air purifiers, smart cameras, loudspeakers, and much more were also sold under the “Mi” brand worldwide.