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You can now import any QR code from store images through Google wallet

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The return of Google Wallet, which broke away from Google Pay to become a distinct app and store credit cards, government identification, reward cards, passes, car keys, and other goods, was announced at the I/O conference last year. The service should be far more than just a location to store these kinds of cards, according to Google. Government-issued IDs and passes, which were previously challenging to save in the app, can now be stored in one place with Wallet, according to the company’s current marketing strategy.

Any barcode or QR can be converted into a digital pass

The option to import a barcode or QR code from passes like loyalty or gym membership cards and make a digital version of them in Wallet may be the most prominent feature being added to Wallet. Any card with a barcode or QR code can be turned into a digital pass by simply taking a picture of it. However, Google simply mentioned that this functionality was coming shortly in a blog post and didn’t specify when it would go live.

Through a beta test that began in Maryland late last year, Google has also been working to expand the number of digital IDs and driver’s licenses that are supported by Wallet. You can now use your state-issued ID at TSA Precheck lines at specific airports if you reside in that state. The beta period has concluded. When this feature will be extensively implemented, though, is unclear. Digital IDs will be able to be used to confirm online accounts and reserve cars later this year.

Thanks to a collaboration between Humana and Google, you’ll also soon be able to save your health insurance cards in Wallet. If you reside in the UK, you can use the His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) app to store your National Insurance Number in your wallet. Since they include private information, these cards will have a “private pass” label.

Additionally, this means that each time you wish to view and use these cards, you will have to enter your PIN or fingerprint.

The search engine giant will soon let users of Google Messages save boarding passes and train tickets to Wallet if they want to receive them through text message. The first companies to deploy the feature are Vietnam Airlines and Spain’s Renfe.

To give employees a new method of accessing their place of employment, Google will integrate corporate badges into Wallet later this year. In the coming weeks, Google also intends to make Wallet available in new markets.

Since Apple’s Wallet app has already had most of these new capabilities for a while, Google may have some catching up to do.

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