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You can watch VR Doctor Who short by BBC for free

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Doctor Who fans who can’t tolerate the long sit tight for the twelfth season are in for a treat. The BBC has discharged Doctor Who: The Runaway, an animated short VR film dependent on the great British science fiction arrangement and voiced by its own Jodie Whittaker, who repeats her job as the show’s time-traveling hero. In view of the BBC’s description, The Runaway tosses you into the upside-down universe of Doctor Who immediately. You wake up inside the TARDIS in the wake of being in a crash with a teenage space bomb named the Volta. In a race against time, you and Doctor Who must get Volta home to his folks before he falls prey to some risky distractions.

The 13-minute film is accessible for free on the Oculus Store and Vive Port for use with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Both Oculus Go and Gear VR proprietors can make a beeline for the BBC VR application to download a 360-degree video form, that has a shorter runtime of 11 minutes.

For the individuals who are new to the BBC’s VR Hub, the outfit has discharged some interesting activities, including a VR documentary arrangement on the Nile River, Damming the Nile just as a VR experience highlighting Chabuddy G from the mockumentary series People Just Do Nothing. As indicated by BCC VR Hub head Zillah Watson, The Runaway is the most driven task from the system’s VR entryway to date. You can get a trailer for The Runaway beneath:

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