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YouTube Has Announced an Interesting New Feature

YouTube has just made an announcement about an exciting new feature that would permit the video makers to begin their live stream from their webcam and that too even without the need to download encoding software, which is quite a bother.

The YouTubers could now be able to just click on the “Go Live” button on the YouTube header for starting their live stream.

The company informed that no additional configuration would be needed from now for starting the live streaming sessions. The feature has also been introduced in Google Chrome and would later be added to other browsers in time.

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Before the launch of this update by the YouTube, the YouTubers would only have one way of streaming online and that is via catching the content which includes their desktop, microphone and camera and sent them to YouTube for streaming live.

The feature is targeted at making the lives of the YouTubers simpler, as streaming from one’s desktop or laptop would be much easier. YouTube launched this feature at the right time since the trend of live streaming is rising these days with competitors like Twitter’s Periscope, Twitch for the game streams and Facebook Live, all competing for the same action.

YouTube also intends to let the users live stream directly from one’s camera application. As per YouTube, the objective is to roll out this feature to much more device makers over the year via the new YouTube Mobile Live deep link.

The most well-loved and famous YouTubers like Mooro and Irfan Junejo would be thrilled upon the introduction of these new features and for the people who love and wish to watch their most favourite YouTubers go live in real time is like a dream come true thing.

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