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YouTube intends to demonetize you if you do not disclose your AI material

AI and AI-generated content are increasing with every passing day. Social media sites and other online platforms portray human-generated as well as AI-generated content. But what is the proper way to distinguish between the content generated by humans and AI? Well, YouTube is going to implement some new rules to differentiate AI-generated content. The new changes will be rolled out in the coming months.

YouTubers must acknowledge the AI-generated content

According to details, content creators on YouTube will be required to mention if their content is AI-generated or a realistic one. It will be an obligatory practice to mark the content. Creators may face “content disposal, removal from the YouTube Partner Program, or additional penalties” if they repeatedly fail to reveal this information. Although the changes haven’t been implemented yet, YouTube promises to work with content creators to make sure they are aware of the new guidelines.

As soon as the changes roll out, the video descriptions will show a label indicating that the video contains synthetic content. A more visible label will be available on videos covering sensitive topics. On some subjects, a label alone might not be sufficient to reduce the risk of harm. Therefore, even if the video accurately identified itself as AI-generated content, it could still be banned if it violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Furthermore, the video generated by YouTube’s generative AI products and features will also be labeled.

AI-generated content can be removed at the user’s request

Through YouTube’s privacy request process, users will now be able to request the removal of AI-generated or “other synthetic or altered content” that mimics an apparent individual, including their voice or face. While not every piece of content will be taken down from YouTube, you will at least have some options. From this perspective, music partners could also use this feature.

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