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YouTube Kids is Working on a Non-Algorithmic Version of Its App

YouTube Kids is an application designed for showing only kids-appropriate content. This application could both be used on television and mobile phones. However, YouTube Kids does filtration of the content using algorithms, so all such stuff that is inappropriate for children to watch slips through.

The app is meant to filter out the inappropriate content, but it was found that the app suggested that kids watch conspiracy theory videos or other harmful content.

YouTube Kids is a distinct application of the main YouTube application. The app is made with the focus of allowing parents to let their kids browse through YouTube without the concern of their kids watching unsuitable stuff. Children are motivated to learn languages, read books, watch educational videos and other such fun learning stuff.

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Finally, Google has decided to make such a version the YouTube Kids that only allows showing content that is manually approved by the Google, as per the reports of BuzzFeed. According to one of the sources, the non-algorithmic version of the app would be optional and could be launched in a few weeks’ time.

This upgradation would prevent the kids from stumbling on disturbing kind of videos. While algorithms might be effective when it comes to producing an unending list of clips for keeping the children busy, they may not be able to separate between the safe and unsafe content, this is one thing that still gives humans an edge over robots.

The company when was inquired said that YouTube is always engaged in the process of upgrading and improving YouTube Kids, however, the firm does not wish to comment on any rumour or speculation.

Let’s just hope that the whitelisted version of the app would be provided with the default option, as even the algorithms of Google failed in sorting through the excessive pile of disturbing videos.

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