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YouTube Kids will now be available in main YouTube app

YouTube Kids was working as a filtered site for parents who want to engage their kids on their iPads. This app was created specifically for children because it filters content specifically for children and will suggest kid-friendly content even if you are not paying attention to it. YouTube is planning to merge this app with the main YouTube application.

The specific version of the app designed for IDs will no longer be available. Still, there will be a streamlined version that will be specified for children, so there is nothing much to be worried about.

YouTube Kids is merging with the main YouTube app

As per information from Steamtable, there’ll be a change of plans for those who watch on consoles, smart TVs, or streaming devices. The app will not be available as an individual from now on; instead, it will be available as part of the original YouTube app.

You’ll be able to access the YouTube Kids app within the app. You’ll be able to create a separate profile for the kids section of the application.

You can choose the kids’ account from the switching account section. And by selecting this account’s profile, it will lead you to a separate space containing safer content for kids. Instead of any other trouble, it will just take an additional step to lead to the child’s profile. However, it will be an issue for parents to let their kids have direct access so they can open the profile themselves.

From now on, kids will need to go through the main application to access the space assigned to them. Unfortunately, they may be required to navigate through content that their parents have forbidden them from viewing.

Although streamline has observed the application to be more accessible through this feature, In addition, YouTube’s main application is available on many platforms, with the exception of the Kids app, which is not supported by all platforms. But after this update, the app will be available on more platforms than before.

The feature is in the process of rolling out, and you’ll be able to see that soon.

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