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YouTube Mobile App Updated With New Gesture Controls

YouTube Mobile App Gestures

Google has released a new update for the YouTube mobile app. The update brings additional new gestures and options to control video playback. With the innovations, Google wants to make the operation of the smartphone app much easier.

The search engine company announced this on the YouTube blog. In the mobile version of the video portal, the user can also navigate to different chapters of a clip. A corresponding preview is now displayed for each section. This should make it possible to find certain scenes much faster. In addition, the button for subtitles and the autoplay button have now been placed in a more conspicuous place.

With the new gestures, the video player should be even better to control. By swiping up on a video, the displayed clip plays in full-screen mode. The view can of course be exited by swiping down. Another innovation that Google has built into the YouTube app is the “suggested actions” feature. In the case of a virtual reality video, for example, the application advises the user that the clip should be played in landscape format.

Update available for Android and iOS app

The update is being rolled out for the iOS and Android versions of the YouTube app and can be downloaded from the official Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The update is distributed in waves, so that the new functions may only appear to all users after a few days or weeks.