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Youtube removes drill music videos in an attempt to curb violence


In a move to control violence in the UK, British police have requested that YouTube remove in the estimate of fifty and sixty music recordings and the greater part have just been removed from the stage.

The move comes as a major aspect of the Met police’s Operation Domain technique, which targets violent online content that the police have connected to blade and group related violations. The music recordings hailed by the police are all “drill” melodies, a type of trap music that began in Chicago yet has discovered immense ubiquity in the UK scene and especially on YouTube. The music is portrayed by fierce symbolism and the expression “to drill” is slang for “to shoot someone”, because of the likenesses between the sound of a programmed weapon and a construction drill.

“The gangs try to outrival each other with the filming and content – what looks like a music video can actually contain explicit language with gangs threatening each other,” the Metropolitan Police’s Mike West told the BBC. “There are gestures of violence, with hand signals suggesting they are firing weapons and graphic descriptions of what they would do to each other.”

While there is certifiably not a decisive list right now as to which music recordings have been expelled, drill fans have noticed that craftsman #150 Konez’s video Devil’s Playground is inaccessible on YouTube.  PressPlayUK, a music promotion channel that features many drill artists and promoted the hashtag #DropTheKnifePickUpTheKnife, previously posted to Instagram that they had met with YouTube representatives. It claimed that the videos would “probably be back up in a few weeks”. The post has since been deleted.

They said according to the BBC, ”Today had a meeting with Youtube and with whats happened lately the police and the main police commissioner has forced youtube to take down some videos it will probably be back up in the next few weeks just atm with whats going this has caused this, its out of our hands but we are doing what we can to sort it out.”

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Image via Independent Uk