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YouTube Testing CopyRight Inspection During Upload Video Process

In order to help content creators and avoid infringement and delisting, YouTube is testing copyright checks tool that can detect whether a video infringes related copyrights during the upload process. 

As another layer of protection provided by YouTube, this will prevent unauthorized/pirated material from entering the platform. At the same time, it seems to be able to help content creators accidentally upload video content with copyright protection.

It is reported that if the creator receives a copyright infringement complaint, the creator will be punished by the removal of the video, the recovery of related profits, and even the closure of the account. But if your well-made video is taken down because of a few seconds of copyrighted background music, the loss is too high.

The good news is that judging from the screenshots shared by Matt Navarra on Twitter, the new tool is expected to help creators better avoid unexpected infringing uploads.

As shown in the figure, when uploading a video to YouTube, the platform will display this new interface, stating that YouTube will check whether the video has copyright issues, and the result of the judgment may limit the visibility of the content.