YouTube TV app Channel Guide is getting a fresh new look

According to some recent pieces of information, the YouTube TV app Channel guide is all set to receive a new look. As part of a recent update, the Channel Guide on the YouTube TV app got a fresh new interface. Given the new update, the app now blends well with the Google TV Live tab. With a more fashionable layout, users of this app on their smart TVs may now access their preferred live channels.

The new update enhances the app’s accessibility. It also improves the way the interface appears. It incorporates a similar design aesthetic to Android’s Material You, which enhances the appearance of the overall design. The new YouTube TV app Channel Guide’s and Google TV’s comparable designs create a sense of cohesion inside the system.

The new updates are quite impressive, but they are not applicable to all areas of the app. Some other aspects of the app are the same as they were before the update. Notably, the new update is only relevant to the live channel guide. It is not applicable to the entire app.

The YouTube TV app Channel Guide looks better thanks to a fresh design upgrade

The new updates to the YouTube TV app are currently rolling out. The main aspect of the new update is the changes in the design of the Channel guide, which includes an improved look and some functional features. In the Channel Guide section, the elements now have more rounded edges. The interface is now darker, which helps with better scrolling and thus improves visibility for YouTube TV app users.

On the functionality side, the look of the Channel Guide section has been improved. This option appears right under the Live option section that gives users access to live streaming of sports, news, and other types of content on the YouTube TV app.

The Channel Guide section’s tiles now have rounded edges thanks to this upgrade. What’s more, the upgrade will move your favorite channel higher up the list of live channels, giving you rapid access to it. The order of the content remains the same, moving from locally produced to other live-streamed stuff that you like.

The feature is already accessible to certain users via an app update. Other users will begin receiving the new updates shortly.

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