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Zero Hacking Skills to Remove Data from Your WhatsApp Account

With zero hacking skills, intruders can access your WhatsApp account just to delete everything, forever.

In recent past few months, WhatsApp has been losing its trust and popularity. We all know that WhatsApp has already said that it shares users’ data with its parent company – Facebook. And today, we heard that with ‘0’ hacking skills, aliens could access your data to remove it, at all.

Unfortunately, we join growing social networking apps and platforms, trust them with our data, and for what? To get an update that the app lost users’ data. In today’s news, we informed that Clubhouse lost 1.3 million users’ data when a fake ad fooled users to join the app’s PC version.

While WhatsApp hasn’t gone through any such incident, but it’s exposed that the platform isn’t safe from hackers. According to a report, with this new security threat, hackers could access our account and delete it. All they need is our WhatsApp phone number and zero hacking skills.

According to security researchers Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales, users who have authenticated the ‘two-factor authentication (2FA)’ can lose data if a hacker enters the wrong codes several times. It means that the security factor that was supposed to protect our account from intruders is not very protective.

When your enemy enters wrong codes multiple times, you would be locked out of your WhatsApp account for 12 hours. This doesn’t end here. Your enemy would then request the support team to use a fake email ID to delete the account as the “number due to a lost or stolen account.” And the team would obey their instructions and would delete everything from your account.

Now to the good part – first, who has time to do all this crap? And still, if someone dislikes you way too much and manages to find such a time, they would need an OTP verification that is sent over an SMS way before asking for the 2FA code. So, it means the hacker also needs to have access to your phone.

Having said that, it’s a flaw that needs to be fixed before an actual event really occurs.