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10 Best CBD Online Apps for Your Phone

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Cannabis has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. As more people realize its many potential health benefits for patients of all ages as well as many types of pets, the demand for cannabis and CBD-infused products is only going to surge. On the last count, 36 states had taken those factors into account and legalized medical marijuana so more people could take advantage of its positive health effects. At the beginning of this year, 15 states had also legalized recreational marijuana. Quite a few more may be following suit during the years to come.

Additionally, hemp-derived CBD is now accepted almost everywhere. Because of all this, an increasing number of stores, boutiques, and other establishments are making CBD more readily available to people. This development has led to numerous advancements in the way people are able to learn about and gain access to CBD. CBD apps are among the most popular rising opportunities. You can find out more about CBD and related topics from this blog from Weed Seeds USA, but we’ll discuss some of the best CBD apps right now.

Exploring the Top CBD Apps for Your Phone

Numerous CBD apps have been developed just over the last few years. They’re becoming increasingly prevalent among people who want to take advantage of the potential benefits of this time-tested component of cannabis. Take a look at some of the best apps currently at your disposal.

  • Vana. Vana is a free downloadable app for iPhone and Android. It provides information about CBD products and where people can find them. This app also helps connect people with trusted local sources for CBD products and delivery services.
  • Leafly. Also free for iPhone and Android users, Leafly allows people to explore various CBD products extensively. They can find information about different products available in their areas as well as their flavors, scents, and effects. Leafly also aids in finding local sources for CBD products and delivery options.
  • Kushy. Downloadable from Google Play and the Apple Store, the Kushy app brings together dispensaries from various local business directories. This gives people a faster, simpler way to search for CBD suppliers near them. Kushy provides information about delivery options as well.
  • GrowBuddy. Geared toward people who live in states where it’s legal to grow marijuana at home, GrowBuddy provides helpful tips and information for cannabis cultivation. This app offers a growth journal and tracker among other features.
  • Healthy Hemp. Healthy Hemp provides ample information for people who want to learn more about CBD and the different ways to benefit from it. Its resources offer advice on making CBD an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Massroots. Massroots is a social media platform dedicated to CBD. It brings cannabis users together and provides easy access to numerous informational resources. Local dispensaries and product reviews are also available for people to view.
  • Releaf. Releaf focuses on the relief CBD can provide from various medical conditions. It features a tracker for users to enter information about their conditions, symptoms, CBD dosages, and other details.
  • HighThere! Another social media CBD app, HighThere! is essentially a cannabis community. It allows users to share their thoughts on specific strains, their cannabis stories, firsthand advice, and other pertinent information.
  • SimLeaf. Other apps on the list are free, but SimLeaf is a paid version. That said, it only costs $2.99 to download. Technically, it’s a game that’s centered on cannabis growing, but it’s based on scientific data and can help people learn a great deal about growing their own real-life cannabis crops.
  • WeedMaps. WeedMaps is one of the most popular and highly touted CBD apps available. It connects various links in the cannabis chain, including users, physicians, and suppliers. Several other features are also available for CBD patients and businesses alike.

Those are the most popular and highly rated CBD apps on the market right now. Each one has its own distinct benefits and offerings. Don’t be shy about downloading one to see how it can help with your CBD needs. You could even download all of them to compare and contrast for yourself. Since most of them are free, you’ve got nothing to lose.