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10 Free Android Mobile Apps: Check Them Out

Free Android Mobile Apps

When you have an Android-based smartphone in your pocket, you can’t avoid having all those free mobile apps. Because these Android mobile apps make your smartphone worth more than just a calling device.

But of the millions of apps out there, not every single brain-drained Android app is worth setting the base of your smartphone. Plus, you won’t be having unlimited space to cater every app.

To help you choose the most-widely used and wanted mobile apps for your Android OS, I’m going to give you a short review. This would help you decide which app you need the most, for now.


Your Free Android Mobile Apps


Weather apps are mostly pre-installed on your smartphone. However, not all of those apps could predict a right info or might miss some other features.

AccuWeather is one of the widely used weather apps both on desktop and mobiles. It gives you the most accurate weather forecast for your own town or other places.

AccuWeather is also good to use to know the weather changes on an hourly, daily, weekly, and fortnightly basis.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3

Google Play Store Downloads: 50+million


This comparatively new app is one of the leading music services for the mobile users. The company rolled out this app in 2008.

With Spotify, you can listen to music on the go. You don’t have to download or copy songs on your device. The music app offers a free to paid cloud storage.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5

Google Play Store Downloads: 100 million

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Google Maps

When you own an Android device, you don’t have to worry about installing Google Maps. It’s pre-installed. You just would be required to have it updated.

This simple app is now one of the top used android mobile apps. With locations recommending based on your location or interest, Google Maps will help you reach your destiny with the most accurate precision.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3

Google Play Store Downloads: 1 billion

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Now this android-based app is more of a learning hub.

When you love to learn different languages, Duolingo must need a space on your device. This language learning app is best for travelers and businesspersons traveling around the globe. The lessons come both in text and voice formats.

Though, the tool offer many European  languages, there’s still a room to add more.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

Google Play Store Downloads: 50+ million

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If you have too much to do in a day or if you forget things easily (like me), you need this free app. With Any.do, you’d increase your productivity, organize your day, and get rid of the fear of forgetting anything before going to bed.

It’s easy tp use this Android app. The list of chores you create can be synced with your browser making it easy to access from anywhere.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5

Google Play Store Downloads: 10+ million

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With everything from working to shopping getting online, SlickDeals comes with suggestions to help you choose the best deals.

The app is easy to navigate and loads fast. The app alerts you on the hottest deals, which is best to use in the holiday season.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5

Google Play Store Downloads: 1+ million

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While this app is here for as long as the apps got started takin hour spaces. Facebook is more popular among the desktop users. However, Facebook Messenger is more popular and easier than using the whole social networking app.

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9

Google Play Store Downloads: 1 billion

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If you don’t have WhatsApp, you’re far too behind. This is way better than the Facebook Messenger. Though it’s also owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp, unlike Facebook, is solely created to communicate rather than doing everything (almost). The voice and video call quality is now even better than many other popular communicating apps.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.4

Google Play Store Downloads: 1+ billion

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You must have heard of Ted or have even atended their sessions. And now you can be part of this growing community on the mobile.

With Ted’ official Android mobile app, you can access to more than 1,700 online lectures. With this free app, you’d learn more about the topics/niches you’re interested in. These would definitely help you bring a better person.

And the best part, you can listen to these lectures as stay home working in the kitchen.


Google Play Store Rating: 4.6

Google Play Store Downloads: 10 million

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Clean Master

This app is a must-have part of your Android device. You might think of it as an unnecessary app, but once you have it, your smartphone would start performing even better.

From uninstalling apps to boosting the speed of your mobile, Clean Master provides many services for your device.

While some mobiles come with a pre-installed version of this app, you’d also download it for free and get rid of the junkies.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

Google Play Store Downloads: 500+ million

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