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New Innovative 3D House Printing Startup: Prints a House In Just 24 Hours

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Apis Cor a startup based in Sans Francisco came up with an innovative 3D house building printers. These printers would be able to build/print houses in just 24 hours.

Recently, this startup has shown a demo in which it has envisioned a possibility of building apartments in extremely low costs and in no time.

Apis Cor cooperated with Russian Builders PIK and built a 38 square meter house in testing facility in Russia. The house incurred cost little over than $10,000.

Apis Cor’s 3D printers printed layers of over layers on concrete in order to build walls and inner partitions. The company claims that these wall can last for more than 175 years and are quite durable.

This was the first time in the history where everything was printed directly to build house, rather than assembling pre-printed slabs to build the house.

” Apis Cor further explained, “Printed houses can be of any shape and design, including the familiar square shape, because this flexible technology has no restrictions on design of new buildings, except for the laws of physics,”

The company said that it can build and furnish these small houses for just $10,000, including the windows and doors considering most expensive parts of the build. Windows and doors could cost $3,548, while building walls, floor and roof could cost $277, $1,624, and $2,434, respectively.

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The company believes that these houses could be used to rehabilitate those affected by natural disasters.

With the cost of housing constantly a subject of debate in cities like San Francisco and Sydney, the startup says, “Apis Cor’s solution could also pave the way to more affordable living”

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Via: ZD News, image via: apis cor

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