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10 Most Absurd Job Titles in the Tech Industry

In this article, we will tell our readers about the top 10 most absurd titles in the tech industry.

Innovation Evangelist

An innovation evangelist has been hired by both SAP and Google in years past. The title innovation evangelist is quite absurd. According to one innovation evangelist’s LinkedIn profile, the role is “bringing a commitment to unleash people’s creativity and boost their innovation capabilities.”

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Dream Alchemist

Companies like QuickStep hire Dream Alchemists that have the responsibility the same as that of a creative director or head of marketing. But the title is again quite absurd.

Happiness Engineer

Companies like Automattic employee ‘Happiness Engineer’.  The main responsibilities of a happiness engineer are to “help people use Automattic’s products create detailed bug reports and build a community of support by sharing knowledge and helping team members around the world.”

SVG Badass

Less common, yet absurd titles given to employees is Badass. Potential Labs describe the pot as,  “Working with us is a chance to do much more than writing code, it’s a chance to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. We’re looking for someone with exceptional skills and experience in creating, manipulating and animating SVG code. The project is alive, a [sic] If you write masterful code and aren’t afraid to think outside the box, we’d love to hear from you.”

Time Ninja

A pet e-commerce startup Chewy is hiring a time ninja, aka a time/attendance human resources coordinator. The requirement for the applicant is to have “a minimum of four years of experience supporting an automated T&A system and experience with set-up and maintenance, ad-hoc reporting and supporting IT and HR Upgrade Implementation Teams.”

Innovation Alchemist

This is a combination of the dream alchemist and innovation evangelist. The responsibility of innovation alchemist is of “modernizing traditional digital banking processes” and “delivering ‘shiny penny’ experiences to our membership base.”

Security Princess

Parisa Tabriz joined Google back in 2015 to find issues in the Chrome browser. Then later she switched from information security engineer to security princess.

Tabriz said, “I knew I’d have to hand out my card and I thought information security engineer sounded so boring. Guys in the industry all take it so seriously, so security princess felt suitably whimsical.”

Content Hero

Content Hero as described by FreedomFormula is someone who takes on “a bunch of autonomy & responsibility and has the ability to quickly learn how to run an extremely successful online business from the inside out.”

 Happiness Manager

A health food delivery company Oh My Green hired a happiness manager as an operations manager. The responsibility of a happiness manager is for  “delivering a delightful experience” to the clientele of the company and report to the city head of happiness.

Digital Prophet

The Australian thought leader who took on the role at AOL in 2011 David Shing, his calling card was “Digital prophet”.