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1TB Storage And 8K Videos To Come In The Next Apple iPhone 13

1TB Storage 8K Videos

Tipster Hints That Apple Will Launch iPhone 13 Next Year Which Offers 1TB Storage And Records 8K Videos.

For Apple, it is certain to launch a larger storage version of the iPhone in the future, because user demand is rising, this is due to so many applications one can have on the phone and media is getting heavier and richer.

According to the latest news, Apple may launch a 1TB version of the iPhone, and the first model may be the next-generation iPhone. The current name is tentatively named iPhone 13. The most direct reason for this is that they want to fully support the iPhone. 8K video is recorded (45FPS recording 8K video is achieved through the anamorphic lens).

If the above news is true, then there is no suspense that the iPhone provides a 1TB version. Why do you say that? Let’s take the Galaxy S20 series as an example. It will consume 600MB of storage space to record 8K video at 30FPS per minute.

Although there is a 5-minute recording limit when switching the 8K option, it will consume 3GB of storage space, if calculated. By analogy, the 512GB storage version can only record 170 such 5-minute 8K 30FPS videos. According to this consumption situation, after the 1TB version of the iPhone appears, the entry model of the entire new device may also be moved to the 128GB version.

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