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3 Simple Entrepreneurship Lessons from This Young Millionaire

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Sam is a young digital marketing consultant, who’s now a millionaire at just the age of 26. Do you want to learn how he reached there? Start with these 3 simple entrepreneurship lessons, to start your own venture.

As of the hefty work life, most of the people talk about running something of their own. They believe that running their own venture could release them from the nine-to-five routine. But, this should never be your escape route. Your venture is going to absorb more time and capital. And what else you need is some lessons to become an entrepreneur.

Recently, I found Sam Ovens of the OVENS International, on LinkedIn. Sam is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who’s running a consultancy firm in New York. He’s a young millionaire, who dropped out to start his own business.

Sharing his success story, Sam tells us how he dropped out of his Bachelor’s Degree and quit his job. He also tells a long journey of failures to reach this level of being a millionaire. And now that he’s a success, he shares his lessons from his journey.

So here I embark on the simple entrepreneurship lessons from Sam’s life.

1. Believe in What You Sell

This lesson might sound a waste of time. But believe me, nothing worth wasting is outlined here.

Many of the young businesses fail soon after their launch. They believe that they’ve done their homework, thoroughly. But they often forget to ask one simple question – would I buy my own product?

If the answer to this is a ‘yes’, it means that you’d be honest with your audience, making them come to you.

But if the answer is a ‘no’, you need to go back to your product and find reasons to buy it for yourself.

Being a business person is not just about making money. It’s more of developing trust. When your audience has their trust, they’ll come to you.

2. Be Bold Enough to ASK

If you visit Sam Ovens official website, you’d found a number featured lessons. One of the simple entrepreneurship lessons is on the world’s strongest three-letter word – ASK.

Asking is never a bad habit. Unfortunately, we’re often too afraid to ask. We feel that asking our audience will make us weak. But think for a moment, what asking questions could offer us:

  • We would learn more;
  • We could develop a habit of sharing our knowledge;
  • We can develop stronger relations with our community;

The importance of ‘asking’ can be understood more from Sam’s lesson on The Worlds Most Powerful Three Letter Word?

3. Social Media is Now Taking Over

While social media is no longer a unique term, it still haunts many. Many businesses consider that social media can never replace traditional marketing methods.

While this is true for some industries, but its importance couldn’t be denied. Branding on social media can give your business a wider array of audiences. It also offers a medium of communication with your audience. And above all, it’s much cheaper than traditional marketing techniques.

Having said that, social media marketing isn’t about posting a lot about your products/services. It needs a strong plan to run successfully.

Sam also believes in social media marketing. According to him, traditional marketing is out of scope. Although I would disagree here, as traditional marketing is not dying that soon.

Using the same mode of communication, Sam is helping his clients to grow large. Not only this, he’s also spreading his learnings through the same medium.

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Bonus: The Best of these Simple Entrepreneurship Lessons

Now to the final chapter – the bonus entrepreneurship lesson from Sam Ovens.

If you visit the Sam Ovens website, you’d find some resourceful pages. In all those informative pieces the one thing you’d find is his key to success – be honest.

Honesty is the best policy.

Do you remember this quote? We used to quote this in many of stories. We’re taught that honesty is one of the keys to success. But today as we mingle, we decline this statement. We are even not honest to ourselves. And when we can’t be honest with our own self, how we can be honest with our clients?

This is one of the best and yet simple entrepreneurship lessons from Sam Ovens.

Start following Sam Ovens and you’ll learn some great entrepreneurship lessons no textbook could offer.