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This New Facebook Feature is Best for Small Businesses

New Facebook Feature - Jobs in USA and Canada

On February 16, Facebook rolled out its new Facebook feature “Jobs”, best for small businesses in the US and Canada.

Recruiting the right match is hard and time-consuming. Where around half of the workforce is hired by small businesses in the USA and Canada, 40% of these still complain that they find it a challenge to look for the best match.

In view to this, Facebook announced that it has added a new feature; job posting on Facebook. For now, this new feature is available for US and Canadian businesses only.

Facebook is Creating New Jobs in the UK

With this new Facebook feature, small businesses can now easily create a job ad and share it on their timeline. And not only this, but they can also boost it like any other post.

“Jobs” is not only a good news for these businesses, but job hunters are also going to love this feature. Users would get a news feed from companies they’re following. And then can send their application.

Facebook, without any doubt, is a giant and we spend much of our time here. With this new feature, Facebook would get more traffic.

To post a job on your business page, you just have to go to the “Jobs” page from the left panel, enter the details, and post it. Once done, thiNew Facebook Feature - Job Applicants in USA and Canadas job ad would be on your timeline, where applicants can review it and send their applications, right away.

Facebook is Getting Better in Marketing

For applicants, their application would be sent as a message confirming that they’d be contacted by the employer if further steps are required.

How easy could this get? No fear to create a new account on a job portal. No worries to find a headhunting company. And definitely no need to spend a single penny.

With millions of people using Facebook every day, this is new feature is an added value. However, this new feature might create a threat for all the job portals and recruitment agencies running since long.

Hugo Bara to Lead VR for Facebook