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4 Ways To Improve ROI With Marketing Automation In 2023


This is an age of digitization. The digital stratosphere contains almost the entire world within it. So, to improve your sales and return on investment (ROI), you have to go where your customers are. Otherwise, you will always need help to keep up with the competition. 

Companies that do not evolve with age spend the majority of their time on tasks that are not only mundane but also monotonous. These suck the life force and creativity out of their marketing strategist, who could have used that time and effort to develop new avenues to success. Instead, they spend their time and grey matter cooped up in a cubicle, analyzing data and making reports. 

This is where marketing automation software comes in handy. It completes most tasks like data analysis, tracking, reports, personalization, etc., through automation, freeing you up to make use of your time in places like campaigns and strategies. For example, look at HubSpot Marketing Hub. Made to perfectly suit the needs of both B2B and B2C marketing companies, it increases your numbers in sales through tools like integrated content tools, email marketing, and marketing automation.

Not just that, it comes packed with features like analytics/ROI tracking, customizable CTAs,  website visitor tracking, lead qualification, sales analytics, and so much more that it streamlines the entire marketing process for your whole team. Check out the Marketing Hub HubSpot to see if it is the best fit for your company. 

With that in mind, let’s look at 4 ways you can improve ROI with marketing software in 2023- 

  1. Eliminate repetitive process

Almost 40% of the marketing is filled with repetitive tasks: manually sending emails to personalize your message or replying to inquiries in chats and DMs that can quickly be answered by directing your customers to FAQs and company blogs. 

These are vital steps to progress the buyer’s journey through the sales funnel. However, ask yourself, do you have to do everything manually? What if you could put everything into automation and still achieve the same result? This way, you will save time and resources that could greatly help in other areas. 

With marketing automation software, you can analyze and target every step of your customer’s journey and send them targeted emails, be it a welcome message or related to cart abandonment- the possibility is endless, and the limit of your growth is the sky.

  1. Understand customers better

You can only develop the best possible strategy if you understand your customers. You need to understand their pain points to pose a solution. With marketing automation software, you can track and analyze every online interaction your customer has with your brand. Based on the information available, marketing automation software can give you a relevant idea of your customer demographic, background, preferences, etc., to help you build a buyer profile that you can target to get sales more effectively. You will find all the answers buried in the data pile, and you will be thankful that you can reap the benefits without digging through them endlessly. 

  1. Lead nurturing

Your leads are as valuable and essential as your customers. If you nurture your information correctly, you will probably have a sales and loyal customer. It all lies in the details. Your goal as a marketer should be to focus on making sure that your lead considers you above your competition in the market and that you slowly rise to the point where they are compelled to purchase. 

However, patience and resilience are the keys to converting a lead successfully. Your information will go through many thought processes before making a sale. You need to be there throughout the journey, so they do not lose you from their site. 

With marketing automation, you can start the conversion process right when they first visit your website. It will also help you to determine how far along the sales funnel your leads are so that you can strategize accordingly.

  1. Improving the alignment between sales and marketing

Everyone feels like sales and marketing are always on their toes around each other because of differences in approach. However, if you collaborate marketing with sales, you will have a Herculean team that will substantially impact your company’s performance. Data never hurts. When it comes to data, more is better. Especially with marketing automation that will sort and arrange the data for you into bite-sized pieces. With collective data, your teams can focus on unique strategies instead of replicating each other’s tactics without knowledge. This will help improve the chance of closing a sale and increase ROI. 

So, what are you waiting for? Integrate these into your company to boost your charts today. Let us know in the comments how it works for you.

Alexia Hope

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