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48,000 UK owned .eu domains collected and returned


For a .eu domain, you have to be at home in Europe. After Brexit, hundreds of thousands of Brits will lose the right to their country-specific top-level domain. Now, with the release of 48,000 UK-owned .eu domains, the process will be completed.

UK-owned .eu domains no longer exist

The most important rule for registering a .eu domain is simple: companies, organizations, and individuals with (residential) headquarters in the European Union or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway are entitled to apply. The Brexit meant that British users of .eu domains were granted a transitional phase until they finally lose access to their addresses and are excluded from new registrations. That deadline has now come. Infographic: This is how the registered .de domains are distributed across the whole country. Like the non-profit EURid responsible for the administration of the .eu domain notifies, the last 48,000 British-owned addresses have now been re-opened for registration. In addition, since the beginning of the year, all transfer and transmission options are no longer offered to UK users for good. As hot executes, the release of the domains marks the transition of a total of around 300,000 addresses, which are no longer allowed to remain in British possession due to Brexit.

Tricks Are Used

In the detailed report, EURid also provides information about classic exceptional cases that make registration possible despite a clear reference to the UK. For example, citizens of the European Union who are residents in the UK will still be able to own a .eu domain name. The same principle applies the other way around for UK citizens residing in a member state of the European Union. An address that is still fighting for its status and has therefore not yet been made available is loud Politico the website of the Brexit campaign Leave.eu. In order to be able to retain access, those responsible had relocated the registration address to Ireland. However, since the domain owner did not respond to requests for data verification afterward, this address will probably also be released again soon. Eu, Europe, UK, Brexit Public Domain