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Samsung will become a “tiger” in 2022: With a new strategy against Apple


Samsung apparently has big plans for the year 2022. The mobile device division of the Korean electronics company wants to hunt down competitors like Apple with a new strategy called “Tiger” and secure long-term market leadership. Like the newspaper, Korea Herald reported that Samsung has internally decided on a new strategy for its “Mobile Experience” division, which was only recently established and is called “Samsung MX” for short. The new plan is called “Tiger,” which is supposedly an acronym that hides the targets for 2022. The aim is to become the “True Number One”, ie the “real number one” in all categories that are expanding the market share in the flagship segment (“Improve Flagship Market Share”), to reduce the distance to Apple (“Gap between Apple “), to expand the presence of mobile products from subcategories (” Expanding “) and to strive for a new record year (” Record Year “), it is said.

Samsung wants to earn more with accessories & sell more high-end products

If you have paid attention, you will see that the first letters of the English formulations add up to the word “Tiger”. The background is alleged, among other things, the fact that 2022 is the “year of the water tiger”. Behind the motivational talk typical of many large corporations and their marketing or sales departments, there is basically the desire to earn more money with products other than smartphones, to further increase their sales figures and, above all, the average sales prices.

The “MX” division pursues the vision of developing from a pure smartphone provider to an “intelligent device” provider, it is also said. The company no longer just wants to be a technology brand, but rather to become a brand that is popular with young customers and offers innovative user experiences, according to the report, citing statements from TM Roh, who heads Samsung’s mobile division. However, in order to achieve its goals, Samsung also has to overcome a number of hurdles.

Recently, the availability of high-end SoCs for smartphones was poor, which meant that the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE was massively delayed. In addition, new measures against the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in a sharp reduction in Flash production at Samsung’s plants in China, so that the storage supply could stall.