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5 Best iOS Mobile Apps: Select your favorite for your iPhone

Since your mobile is getting smarter every day, mobile app developers all around the globe are uploading tons of iOS mobile apps, every day. However, only a few of these manage to gain popularity.

Last month, I shared 10 free Android mobile apps. Today, I’m listing 5 best iOS mobile apps. Check them out!

5 Best iOS Mobile Apps

1. 1Password

1Password - Best Mobile App

It’s really hard to remember your login details to all your accounts on the internet. You’d make it easy by using one password for every account. But it isn’t safe.

So, how’d you secure your accounts with different passwords and not forgetting them? 1Password is the solution.

This cool iOS app would ask you to create an account and instead of remembering all your passwords, you just need to remember only one password; the 1Password. So the next time you want to login to your Facebook, Twitter, or any other account, you just sign into 1Password and the rest will be done itself.

2. Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix for iOS

When you have an iPhone and you want to use its camera like a pro, Microsoft Pix is the best app you have got.

This app makes you a professional photographer by adjusting settings, choosing the best photos, and enhancing each shot. When you’re taking photos of friends and family, the camera gets even better. The camera has a sensor which detects faces and automatically optimizes focus, color, and exposure.

The app is also smart enough to choose the best shots and deletes the rest, saving your phone’s memory. And the best part is its self-creating loops of photos. When the sensors are exposed to interesting emotions the app creates a loop of shots and create a live image.

3. Photo Scan

Photo Scan the best iOS mobile app to take photos of photos

Before you had your smartphone, people used to take photos; real photos on real papers. And now those photos are sitting in big photo albums and you hardly take a look at them.

Those your memories. You don’t want them to destroy. But they are taking big spaces. So why not think smart and put them in a soft place?

With Photo Scan you can not make a soft copy of those memories and store them in your smartphone, laptops, or on a cloud storage. This iOS is simple to use. Just place your iPhone over a photo on a paper take shot and make one high-resolution image.

So, what’s new with this iOS mobile app? A scanner could have done the same job, right? No. This app is rather fast, accurate, and you don’t have to plug in your giant scanner to do the tedious job.

iPhone SE is small but has a LARGER space

4. Pocket

Pocket by Google Mobile App

The internet is full of readable content. Every page contains a content worthy of your time. But you’re always short of time. So, why not put it in Pocket and view it later?

Pocket is another iOS mobile app by Google. This smart mobile app lets you save almost every time of content in one place so that you can view it when you’re finally free.

The app is easy to use. You just need to save a content you want to read it later. And instantly the app save the content. You can then view the content later any time and without connecting to the internet.

Pocket also lets you share the content saved on its board.

Musix Match

Musix Match for iOS

Musix Match has the largest collection of music lyrics. You can link your Apple Music or Spotify accounts with this music library and start getting the music lyrics.

The best feature of this app is its ability to translate lyrics. So, if you’re listening to a Spanish song, you’d get its English translation on your mobile screen. And you can also get the lyrics of a song playing around you. Isn’t this iOS mobile app amazing?

Tell Us Your Favorite iOS App

This is all for now. Do tell us which iOS mobile app you liked the most. Or tell us what you want to hear more from us.

Stay tuned to get more updates on Android and iOS apps.

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