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5 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers You Should Consider In 2021

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The days of associating your phone number with your telephone company are gone. Replacing it is the emerging trend of getting a phone number, which is not restricted by a physical geographical location. During this pandemic time, most of us are working from home and they have helped in managing the team remotely. These types of phone numbers are popularly known as virtual phone numbers.

They are very cost-effective as well. It uses an internet connection to place real calls between people. This technology is also known as Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP.

You can get virtual phone numbers from the best virtual phone number providers. They let you choose a phone number with an area code of your choice. It has great mobility features and is versatile. People everywhere are looking forward to adopting these numbers. 

Here are 5 best virtual phone number providers of 2021 that provide the best virtual phone number services:

Top 5 Virtual Phone Number Providers in the Year 2021

  1. CallHippo

CallHippo offers virtual number services that are efficient, convenient, and cost-effective. It is particularly useful for small businesses and their respective customers.

CallHippo solutions come with robust features that provide its users with different solutions:

●   Call management:

It provides all the standard call management options. Like, call transfer, call forwarding, optimizing conference calls, customizing voicemail, and on-hold music.

●   Voice-recording:

CallHippo provides its users with legit call recording or voice recording options. It enables businesses to go through them later. They also provide a real-time analytics tool that allows the user to access call information when required.

●   Multiple integration options:

This option enables users to integrate their virtual phone number services with other business solutions, like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Slack, Intercom, and Freshdesk.

  1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the best virtual phone number providers. It offers high-quality virtual phone features for businesses. It is a great choice for businesses that need stable contact from remote areas.

The features provided by Grasshopper are adequate and effective for small businesses:

●       Call management:

It offers hassle-free call transfer, call forwarding, call blocking, etc.  It also includes a call screening feature. It enables the user to hear the name of the caller before answering. This provides an effective hands-free approach.

●   Auto-attendant:

Grasshopper offers an auto-attendant feature. It helps to answer calls before forwarding them to individual numbers. You can use this feature from landlines, or mobile phone services.

●   Call routing and extensions:

This feature provided by Grasshopper enables the user to customize extensions. Thus, control the route of each number.

●   Easy-to-use:

The virtual phone number service provided by Grasshopper does not need any installations. Be it in business offices or adoption of any further equipment. In addition, an easy interface allows the user to gently access its features.

  1. Nextiva

Nextiva offers virtual phone numbers for unlimited domestic calling. Customers of Nextiva can avail of several plans of service as per their need at affordable prices.

The versatile features of Nextiva as virtual phone number provider are:

Three-tiered service plan:

Nextiva offers a variety of virtual phone services through its three-tier service plans. The plans include Office Pro, Office Pro Plus, and Office Enterprise. Its wide variety caters to the requirements of entrepreneurs, small companies, and start-ups.

Simple set-upset-up:

Unlike many other virtual phone number providers, Nextiva offers its users a simple and easy-to-use set-upset-up process. Once the user is completely acquainted with the call forwarding techniques. Also, the customization processes, the usage is more or less smooth and easy.

  1. Phone.com

Phone.com is one of the best virtual phone number providers out there. They attained a popularity for providing customized virtual numbers that are easy to remember. Phone.com also allows its customers to have options in service plans through their pay per minute or unlimited calling plans.

Phone.com provides its customers with several sets of features, such as:

Automated attendant:

Phone.com also offers auto-attendant facilities that come with interactive voice response features. Control of it is using simple buttons. It’s possible to program it with custom messages, voice as well as music greetings. You can even add a virtual directory.

●   Call management:

This includes call forwarding, transfer, call blocking, and caller information screening.

●   Call routing and extensions:

Phone.com offers its users sets of unlimited extensions. It allows them to customize call logs, route calls, optimize conference bridges, and voicemail.

●   Easy-to-use:

It is completely easy-to-use. They even come with complete features of self-service, after completion of sign-up and activation.

  1. Google Voice

Google Voice is a free virtual phone number provider. It allows users to use their services in landlines, work phones, and mobile phones. Google Voice, a virtual phone number provider. It effectively transcribes voicemails. It also enables the user to access them through email and SMS notifications.

The features of Google Voice as a virtual phone number provider are:

●   Screening feature:

Google Voice provides its users with a screening feature that works by verifying the name of the caller before the user’s phone rings.

●   Call management:

Google Voice uses its user’s contact list to identify callers on the Google Voice virtual number. Along with this, Google Voice enables the user to manage calls by sending the call to voicemail. They can also listen to voicemail without answering the call.

●   Easiest set-up:

Google Voice has the simplest and easiest features in setting up virtual phone number services.

The Final Word

Virtual phone numbers are particularly essential for small businesses. Especially those that cannot afford expensive business phone systems. It also allows them to separate their private contact details from professional lives. The best virtual phone numbers are easy-to-use, flexible, and provide efficient and cost-effective results.