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5 Best Ways to Figure Out if Someone is Married in the USA By Using Technology

Have you heard and read about the dating frauds that are being committed in the US these days? People are lying about their marital status left, right and corner. It has become increasingly hard to trust people in what they are saying, even if it is about them claiming to be single. 

The most popular question, even on search engines is- “how to find out someone is married here?” Social media relationship status is not the best way of gauging someone’s marital status. It could be false or not even depicting the real truth.

So, below are the five best ways to figure out if someone is married in the USA:

  1. CocoFinder: Check the Relationship Status

As opposed to what someone tells you or reflects in the social media status, the reality can be quite different. No social media platform can guarantee your safety or appropriate reflection of one’s relationship status.

This is why CocoFinder turns out to be the most secretive way to check if someone is married or divorced. It is also one of the easiest ways to check information about someone without any risks of them knowing you checked their social media profile. 

Now the most evident question remains- why do you need to check the relationship status? Well, the answer to that is growing cases of dating app frauds and you do not want to end in a pickle. Even if someone is divorced, with CocoFinder, you can have an access to the reasons that caused it.

If you go for traditional methods of checking someone’s marital status, it wouldn’t be convenient for you. Not to forget, it will also jeopardize the trust that one should have in a relationship. So, you can elude all these maelstroms of conflicts and directly just check on CocoFinder. 

A lot of information is being faked online. Extreme digitization is making it very easy to fake documents, status and information. As a way to ensure one’s safety, it becomes imperative to be sure what you are getting into.   

Using CocoFinder to check if someone is married

A marriage certificate is the one conclusive proof that proves if someone is married. You can not only attain one’s status in marriage but also check the details of the partner/spouse. A marriage certificate is a document that officials are the union of two individuals.

As Marriage Certificate is a State-centric record, the registration of the same is done in the State in which the couple resides. As every State has its own set of rules and procedures guiding this information, you might not get easy access to such records traditionally. 

It is merely impossible to traditionally pursue such data or documentation to check about someone’s marriage or divorce without seeking permission from them.  Therefore, if you want to check someone’s marital status in the USA, CocoFinder is the best way to get that done. 

You should use CocoFinder for access to such information because of the following reason:

  • It is time-efficient. Within a few minutes itself, you can attain a piece of information as personal as someone’s marital status without even moving a muscle.
  • It is 100% accurate. Unlike social media which can be very deceptive from the true reality, CocoFinder only provides concrete and reliable data. The sources and database of CocoFinder are only trusted public sources.
  • It is easy to use. You do not have to read any sort of instruction manual to learn how to function on the platform.
  • It is web-based. You only pay when you use the services and you do not have to subscribe or install any application in the process.

Process of using CocoFinder to Access the Marital Status

Through the below-mentioned procedures, you can attain the true picture of someone’s marriage or divorce:

Enter the Name

You need to enter the first name and last name of the person whose marital status you intend to check. If you have the person’s location as well, you will attain more concrete and absolute results. The location also turns out to be a very relevant detail when you intend to obtain State-specific data of someone’s marriage. 

Filter the Result

Name wise search will provide you a lot of results. When you add location as well, you will get more relevant results. The results, when displayed, will need to be filtered by you. Once you have identified the person, you can click on ‘Access Report’ to view relevant data.

Download and View Report

To view the report, you will need to provide your email address to which the report will be sent. After doing the same, you can then provide your card details. You can proceed with initiating the payment for the same. 

View My Report

Once the payment is processed, you can view the report. You will be able to see complete details of someone’s marital status which will be true.

  1. FindPeopleFast

FindPeopleFast is also a trustworthy platform that can assist you in tracking someone’s marital status. While this platform claims to have a massive database, it somehow is not as extensive as CocoFinder.

3.  TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch allows you to check someone’s marital status in the US. The only downside of this platform is that it does not have a 100% success rate. You might not always get the kind of results that you desire. 

4.  SpyDialer

SpyDialer is also a dependable platform that allows its users to check someone’s marital status. It can somehow take a long time to generate the results and that can be downright frustrating. 

5.  CheckPeople

With CheckPeople, you are not only able to check people, but also their marital status. It has also turned out to be a particularly easy way to check if someone in the USA is married or divorced. 


A major reason why CocoFinder is the most trusted marital status finder is because of its absolute accuracy of results. You only obtain relevant information and can combat all struggles like time delay and inaccurate information that you attain from other platforms. 

So, you no longer have to worry about how to find out someone is married here and just know the results in super-simple steps.