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YouTube Music for Android Auto is Getting a Minor UI Update

YouTube Music is rolling a new update to Android Auto, The new update has a more intuitive design, good for drivers.

YouTube Music - New UI Update for Android Auto

YouTube Music for Android Auto is getting a minor UI refresh – a more intuitive design. This update adds new tabs to the top of the app and will let you access recently played songs, your library, music on your device, and more.

According to a tipster, this new YouTube Music update is rolling out to some users. The new interface will have ‘Home,’ ‘Last Played,’ and ‘Library’ tabs at the top. This update has changed the current main menu interface. Moreover, YouTube Music for Android Auto has also received an additional ‘Device files’ tab that gives you easy access to music files stored on your phone.

The new UI also has removed the back button as the new UI already everything on the screen they may want. Instead of the back button, the update now has placed the YouTube Music icon in the same location.

Other than these minor changes, the rest of the interface remains almost the same. It will still have the scroll bar to the left of the songs, albums, and playlists, and album art also remains at the same position. This new update is pretty helpful while you’re driving.

According to the source, the new update on Android Auto is rolling out with v4.30.50 or you could get the update from the Play Store.