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5 Factors That Will Increase Content Shareability

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Creating content is easy but creating quality content is harder but what makes it much harder is to create a quality content that is shareable. When the content is classed as “quality content” then it must inherently be shareable. But there are some barriers that could restrict the content shareability. In this article I will discuss all those potential barriers that you must remove from the way.

Let’s first start from the quality content which becomes inherently shareable;

  • Content quality

One of the top factors in making content shareable is the quality content itself. But what really is the quality content you can learn it from my article, how to create quality content. Now when you are about to create the content think about its shareability dimensions.

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  • Shareable images in your content

As pictures and images are the most sharing elements on social media, your content must have high quality images, quotes, infographics. Not only images but shareable images, some images are not shareable when they are posted. Make them shareable by using different tools, there are several plugins and tools through which your images can be pinned and shared on different social platforms. This will increase the chances of your content being shared on social media.

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  • Targeted content for targeted audience

You must be writing content for your targeted audience and they probably read and share with their connections but this sharing could also be increased when you specifically write for your targeted audience. An example is this can be drawn from the comments on your posts, some people may ask questions and give opinions consider those for your next posts. When the content is written in this way it becomes more shareable.

  • Guest posting

Guest posting is the proven tool for increasing shareability, when you guest post it must contain links back to your other related posts. You might get more visibility on guest sites where there is a larger user base. Linking other related and detailed articles on blog posts means more traffic and shareability for your other posts.

  • Mobile users

Mobile users must not be neglected while creating content. You should always check the visibility and sharing capabilities of your content when they appear using mobiles. Loading time of the website, image loading and video loading all contribute towards sharing. Problems in content visibility on mobiles would seriously affect sharing.


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