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4th of October is a big day for Google

4th of October

It seems that Google is indulging into major guerilla marketing for its product launch on the 4th of October. Nobody knows what the actual product is that Google will be launching but rumors point out to new smart phones. Google product launch is on the 4th of October but the official page gives no update about it except a small rectangle.

Google to release new phone on the 4th of October

The advertisement released by the company also provides no hints on what the actual product is. Reddit user dolan313 shared a picture of a statue in Brooklyn Bridge Park which is building size big. The teaser video and the advertisement on Bridge Park are of the event being held at 4th October. The statue is a plan white rounded rectangle which is coupled with the October 4th date and the “G” of Google’s official icon.


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Google has taken to social media to launch an official hashtag of the event as well. The base of the statue also has the same hashtag saying #MadeByGoogle. The hashtag points that Google is involve at design level for the product launch. It can also mean that Google is fully responsible for the design and operating system of the smart phone, but these are just rumors. The company has been devising Pixel laptop and tablet design.

The original video teaser promises a lot and audience are not sure whether Google can keep up to their expectations. The rumored Pixel and Pixel XL phone might be the rivals of iPhone 7 and 7s as quoted by the Dailymail. Google has sent out invites for the event being held at San Francisco. It might suggest that Google is dropping the Nexus series and adopting the Pixel one which would be strong rivals to Samsung Galaxy Note and Apple’s iPhones.

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