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5 Good Reasons Why Every Startup Should Start Blogging

Every startup should start writing blogs to enjoy its rewards; it plays an important role in promoting your business, building a personality, gaining customers, and making your business stand out from the competitors. You build your startup to bring that fabulous idea into existence—to offer something valuable to a segment of people that can make a difference. Though you require several resources actually to make it publicly.

One of them is to create a blog page that can cover important topics of your niche. This is the finest way to pitch your product or service in blog posts and make it appear as if it is the most superior and prime product you can use. In order to be the best in this game, and increase your brand’s visibility you must build a blog that attracts the right set of audiences. These 5 reasons will explain to you why your startup should start blogging that’ll help you outgrow your business.

1.    Attract Organic Traffic

No matter which segment of the audience you sell your product or service to, blogging remains the finest option to attract organic traffic. For instance, PortraitFlip, a startup that delivers handmade paintings has written dozens of ranking blog posts so far. They majorly target folks who look for decor and gift ideas. Through high-ranking blogs, they drive relevant traffic to their website and entice them to buy their services. This is how smartly a startup can leverage blogging and makes its business profitable! Startups that publish blogs on a regular basis tend to develop an audience much quicker. It’s a win-win situation for both ends as your user gets a valuable piece of content to consume and you get relevant eyeball’s on your product or service.

2.    Make You An Industry Expert

When you get into blogging, make sure you write evergreen content that makes you look like an industry expert. To do so, provide your audience with updated information. When you provide actionable yet knowledgeable content you successfully glue your audience and take them to the sales funnel. For instance, PortraitFlip has written a blog on Father’s Day gifts that provided their readers with various meaningful and unique surprise presents. Throughout the article, they have pitched their father’s day paintings over 6 times in the most subtle and intriguing ways. You will make yourself look like an industry expert when you provide what your readers want—this way it’ll become easier for you to promote your product as they’ve already like you!

3.    Helps Build A Subscription List

Great businesses offer what their customers want—customer service, quality of work, exciting deals, and of course, information that keeps them updated. Blogging is the finest way to make a subscription list in order to target the right segment of the audience. You can sort your visitors into various categories. Informational content interested folks in one segment, users who only look for coupons & cashback in another, and genuine ones who love your products/services in a different category, etc. As long as you build a subscriber base, you’d be able to market your product to the audience via various channels—emails, newsletters, and Facebook ads.

4.    Builds A Brand Voice

When you write blogs you build your unique brand voice. It can be justified by the way of your writing—blogs, sales page, the home page, and others. Blogging is the ultimate way to set a tone and build a brand voice that can be heard by your target audience. It’s up to you whether you want to have a funny, quirky, or serious tone. Whatever voice you choose, you must educate your audience and persuade them to buy your product.

5.    Brings In Business Opportunities

If you want to drive and grow traffic consistently, you need to create amazing blog posts. The beauty of blogging is it opens doors to several business opportunities. Besides selling your products, you can monetize your website for Google ads, do affiliate marketing, and write guest posts that can bring decent dollars to your wallet. As long as you make SEO-friendly content, and attract your audience and search engines, you’ll make handsomely through blogs. If you wish to scale up your business to another height, you can check out these 8 essential tools that can help you manage customer relationships, execute marketing campaigns, and complex business projects.

In Conclusion

We highly recommend you start blogging for your startup. Blogging offers several perks including gaining customers’ trust and confidence, showcasing your products and services, bringing in investors, and increasing audience engagement. The above-shared reasons will have convinced you to build a blog page and create amazing content. To grow your startup drastically, you must consider these reasons and build a blog that can actually make a business.

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