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5 Tech Companies Testing 5G Technology

Qualcomm: Qualcomm completed its first 5G test on a mobile device. The completion of the test was via X50 5G modem and 28GHz millimeter wave frequency band was used to perform the test. Qualcomm has also made the announcement of its first 5G smartphone reference design. Qualcomm will use it for testing 5G modems, radios, and networks with smartphone makers for a couple of years.

 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA): Government of Pakistan has asked PTA to test 5g technology. Its availability will not be before 2020 but the test and trials of the technology will begin in the country.

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Huawei: One of the leading smartphone company, Huawei has collaborated with Korean telco LG U+ in Seoul and completed dual-connectivity technology verification during a 5G trial. It successfully provided 20Gbps downlink speeds by concurrently connecting two 5G base stations.

Ericsson: Ericsson has made an announcement to test 5G network technology and virtual reality (VR) during the lead-up to the Indianapolis 500 motor race. The company will test it in collaboration with Intel and telecommunications carrier Verizon.

Dan Huffman, principal engineer for Verizon Wireless said, “We have to deliver the fastest 5G connection possible. As our vehicles get smarter, our network also has to get smarter, and we’re doing exactly that with a 5G network capable of pinpointing your device and maximizing your bandwidth at all times.”

Apple: Apple has been allowed to test 5G data technology by FCC. Whether the company has made any progress yet or not is not known. Currently, Apple had to face a lot of backlash due to iPhone X disappointing launch.