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Google Pixel 2 XL screen burn haunts Google and Customers

Screen burning, battery catching up fire is becoming more of an issue these days, Samsung previously had an issue of Galaxy Note 7 catching up fire, it became a quite damaging issue for Samsung when it had to recall note 7 from the market.

Now is it Google’s turn? Ostensibly heading towards it, Google is now actively investigating the issue of screen burn reported in its recently launched flagship Google Pixel 2 XL,

Android Central first reported on Twitter that many people have noticed that when you see the screen with gray background, you can notice faint outlines of the navigation buttons at the bottom.

However, screen burn is a common issue in today’s smartphones but that can be noticed after years of usage, the more problematic it becomes when the phone is hardly few weeks old. Android Central argues that it could be either “image retention” or “ghosting” rather than screen burn itself, ghosting goes away easily but screen burn doesn’t.

Whatever it is, but it is a serious issue for both Google and their users, Google’s spokesperson commented on the issue and said, “The Pixel 2 XL screen is designed with an advanced POLED technology which includes QHD+ resolution with high contrast ration for natural and beautiful renderings and colors. We take all of our products through extensive quality testing before we launch it, we are actively investigating this report.”

Now before Google can investigate the issue, there are few questions, one; if it is really an image retention or ghosting then there is nothing much to worry about because it might disappear over time and it may not be able to damage the screen or display any further. But if that is actually a screen burn-in then Google must be worried about it,

Screen burn-in happens overtime in months of extensive usage or even in years but having this issue with newborn Pixels is something quite alarming not only for Google but also its customers.

We will keep you posted with any upcoming reviews about the screen burns and reports from various testers; we are also waiting for what Google has to say about it after their thorough investigation.

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