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5 tips in designing your social media marketing strategy

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Are you in need of any assistance to get started with your social media marketing strategy? Do you have an idea of what you need to consider?

You must have goals and objectives in order to connect and relate appropriately with your customers. Achievable goals and objectives are basically needed in your social media marketing strategy for it to be successful.

If you have been puzzled with such questions, worry no more. Here is a list of what you need to include in your social media strategy for it to succeed from the word go.

Pinpoint Business goals

Rule out all minor goals that may act as distractors. Come up with specific crucial goals that you feel your company must achieve. In most cases, companies fail to achieve what they want. They tend to set too much goals and end up achieving none. Setting up crucial manageable goals is a great idea. Care should be taken to ensure that those goals are; achievable, realistic, timely, ethical, measurable, specific and reachable. Some relevant goals to a company include; increasing product awareness, minimizing marketing costs and maintaining customer

Set Marketing Objectives

To develop a perfect social media marketing strategy, you must have objectives. It is not just enough to have goals then sit back thinking everything is okay. Before considering yourself successful in terms of goal achievement, it is important to set parameters to measure the extent of goal achievement. If the threshold in the parameter has not been achieved, then that goal is unsuccessful. This means, you must work towards achieving a successful goal and not just goals. Objectives are required in order to obtain successful goals. For example, if your company generates product X, then how many products are you supposed to generate in order to consider it a successful production? Now that is setting market objectives. While setting market objectives, ensure that it is measurable, specific, relevant, specific and time-bound. To make sure that you are surely achieving your objectives, you must have appropriate ways and technical methods of making a follow up and keeping track. Use the available statistical methods and record keeping techniques. Also remember to set achievable objectives. For example, don’t intend to increase item production by 900% yet you know that it is not possible to achieve. You can talk of increasing production by say 70%.

Your objective to increase production by 70% must also be within a reasonable period of time. Allocate yourself enough time which should not be too long or too short. Allocating time to yourself helps you to maintain focus and sense of responsibility so that your sense is not diverted.

Get to know the ideal customers

Understanding the profile information of the customers is of crucial importance. It will help you to target the correct people, in the correct place, at the correct time with the correct information. If you know your customers pretty well it will be easier and less expensive to target them on social media. Understand their age, income, occupation, dislikes, likes, habits, obstacles problems etc.

Competitive research

Understand how competitors are conducting their social media marketing practices. Learning other methods will help design a superior technique that will be more advantageous and more effective. You can always start by analyzing like 2-3 competitors. Look at the strategy they are using and the number of followers. Take a look at the way humor is used in their post and the kind of tone. Look at how they are responding to their customers. For example if a competitor has done a social media marketing on say Facebook, look at how fans are getting involved. For you to effective determine the involvement analyze the amount of likes and comments. If that competitor is successful, you can apply the same tactics on tweeter and on any other social media. Mostly, competitive research will help you compare your strategies with competitors’ for you to develop the best.

Select tactics and channels.

A successful social media marketing strategy, has a sense of direction and specificity. Do not create account on every social network. Many companies miss the mark by create numerous accounts on many platforms, so long as they feel it is recognized. This should not be the case. Avoid time wastage by using the best platform that contain most of your target individuals. Look at customers personas then single out the best social network. By so doing, you will reach many buyers within a short period of time with less effort.



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