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Why you must understand social media marketing for your business

Social media marketing strategy

When you talk of social media, some of the world’s top social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram etc. will in one way or another come into your head. The term marketing on the other hand brings images of advertisers. What then happens when the two terms are put together? Well social media marketing, in a lay man’s language means advertising via the social networks. It basically refers to gaining attention or traffic via the social media sites.

Social media itself is in such a way that it can catch any sphere of life that we may want to implement. For instance, Twitter allows people to share “short messages.” Facebook on the other hand lets people to share information of any length, photos, updates events and various activities.

Relationship between search and social media marketing

One common confusing situation is when a search marketer who has always been a friend to the search engines has to worry about the social media. Well, one thing that most do not know is that the two are related.

Social media depends on new content including news stories being discovered via a search activity. Also, social media can create links that can turn out beneficial to the Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Nowadays, many people do carry out searches on the social media sites so that they can get certain content. The connections made on the social media also help in validating the relevancy of the search results, both within the social network or outside in the search engine.

When it comes to social media marketing, there are some rules that the advertiser has to keep in mind. Keep on reading to get to know more about them.

  • Learn to listen

Success on the social media marketing will need you to talk less and listen more. You have to read the online content of your target audience. Also, take a keen look at their discussions for you to know what is important to them. It is only after having gotten all this information that you can comfortably come up with a satisfying content. Your social media marketing will be able to build valuable content that can add value to them. Learn more on how to devise a social media strategy


  • Value Quality

Quality has always surpassed quantity. It is of worth to have 1000 connection of people who share and talk about your products with their own audience than have 10000 online users who remain dormant immediately after connecting with you.

  • Focus on what you want

Do not be a Jack-of-all-trades. Rather, embrace specialization. A focused social media marketing strategy is one that purposes to establish a strong brand in a given field. It stands to get more advantaged than one which uses a broad strategy and struggles to give the people all things.

  • Inculcate patience

Being successful on the social media marketing platform is not an overnight occurrence. You need to persevere in spite of the many difficulties that you will encounter. At times getting up from the bottom may be a big challenge till you feel like giving up. The achievers in this field are the ones who do not give up no matter what.

  • The compounding law

If you come up with content that is of high quality, you will embrace your audience who will also move on to share your content with their connections via the social network.

The discussion and sharing of your content will create opportunities for other prospective customers to enter. Also, the search engines such as Bing and Google will be able to get the keywords easily because your content is widely shared.

The more your content is shared, the more the entry points grow making the ways in which people can get your content online increase.

  • Take advantage of the “Influence” law

Take your time to know more about the guys that have influence in your market and stand a chance of being interested in your services, products and business. Connect to these people and aim to establish a strong working relationship.

  • Law of acknowledgement

If someone came to you personally, it would be rude to ignore them. Therefore, avoid ignoring the online. Acknowledge each person who reaches out to you because the relationships that are built online is what will determine your success when it comes to social media marketing.



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