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5G Mobile Network: AT&T Is To Put $1.25 Billion Bet To Start 5G Services

5g mobile network

Are you tired of 4G now? You might have dreamed for running your mobile like your PC or broadband connection with multiple tabs running simultaneously and streaming videos, downloading heavy files or using your favorite video calling app uninterrupted.

5G connectivity is just around the corner now, good news for the users who are always on their mobile. All major mobile companies in the US are now struggling to get the first onboard, but AT&T has already put the stakes up and invested in acquiring Straight Path Communications.

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Straight Path Communications is the company that holds significant Wireless communications technology that could effectively be used for 5G services. The deal was awesome using their stocks instead of pouring cash into the deal.

Straight Path Communications currently hold spectrum of millimeter wave-band, it is known as extremely high frequency (EHF) in order to deliver peppier Gigabyte speeds for 5G.

5G internet could also be seen as replacing traditional cable broadband, as wired home or office internet requires digging and installing fiber lines which is becoming more expensive and time taking to grow the network. 5G technology can revolutionize the entire broadband services.

It is reported that Google Inc. has already begun testing wireless connectivity to replace its Google Fiber home internet service. 5G is undoubtedly a big next upgrade over 4G networks, if carriers can build strong and stable networks it could create more opportunities other than just wireless plans.