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Apple’s iPhone Market Share: 81% of the teens in the USA expects to own an iPhone

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Where Android-based mobiles held 81% of the market share in Pakistan, in the USA Apple’s iPhone market share also stands at the same figure.

In a recent survey, done by Piper Jaffray, an investment bank shared a report where the results were rather in favor of Apple’s iPhone.

Along with other targeted products, the investment bank reached 5,500 teens. Of them, 55% were male and 45% female with an average age 16.

According to the report, 81% of the teens were expecting to have an iPhone as their next smartphone. The company claims that last year this figure was at 79%.

While in Pakistan, iPhone was initially considered a status symbol. A teenage owning an iPhone was considered a rich kid. But as of the fulfilling features of Samsung smartphones, this belief is not more than a myth now.

In Pakistan, people are moving towards more friendly and affordable devices. However, the buying frequency of smartphones is up on the rise.

Following Piper Jaffray’s report, Apple would be proud of their iPhone. However, the giant mobile manufacturing must also consider other facts like; of the 81% teens 76% already have an iPhone.

Other factors include the wide range of Android apps. And the affordability of iPhone as compared to its rival Samsung also needs an attention.

Both of these factors could be tackled if iPhone could establish a plan of investment in growing countries like Pakistan as they planned to manufacture iPhones in India. The number of mobile users is rising beside the unstable economic conditions.

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