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8 things launched in 2022 to keep a check on your health

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, our health is usually the top priority. The most important thing is to maintain your health because whatever you have planned for your new year’s resolution will require your good health to be completed.

Google is here to help keep a check on your health, whether it’s keeping track of your appointments or your health metrics. The following is a list of eight products we launched specifically to monitor and maintain your health.

See appointment availability for health care providers on Google search.

If you want to get a full medical checkup, you can look up a current day visit with the same or a different doctor on MinuteClinic at CVS. On Google, you can check and get information about available appointment slots and timings for nearby doctors in the United States.

Finding mental health resources

Mental health is the more important part of our health that needs to be maintained. When you search for mental health resources on Google, you can find easy-to-remember helplines and chat-support facilities. Also, there’s easy access to properly validated assessments for mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, etc.

Credible health information is available on YouTube.

When you search for specific health topics on YouTube, you can find information panels and videos containing authentic health content. These amazing health features were only available on YouTube for the time being, but they have now been launched in eight new countries, including the UK, India, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, France, Germany, and Canada.

Authentic support for health-related issues

People diagnosed with certain health issues tend to find information about their conditions on the internet. Personal stories and experience videos are available on YouTube related to anxiety and depression.

Devices to track and present health metrics

Google has updated its previously launched products to keep a check on mental health. The Fitbit application displays your breathing and heart rate on your wrist. All new devices by Google, including its Pixel Watch and the latest Fitbit devices, including the Sense 2 and Versa 4, are perfect for keeping a better check on your health.

Heart rate monitor for health

It’s never sounded so simple. You can track any irregularity in your heart rate by just wearing a Fitbit tracker or smart watch. Fitbit irregular heart rhythm notifications can help identify your heart rhythms and keep you updated on any signs of danger.

Sleep improvement

Your sleep profile on Fitbit helps you learn information about sleep style and patterns. The app can provide you with a summary of your sleep data so you can improve the quality of your sleep.

All your health data in one place

We have done the best launches of applications that can help you keep track of your health throughout the year. The apps include MyFitnessPal, Oura, and Pelton. Health Connect, available in beta, helps you manage all the data related to your health.

Google will keep making these applications better so that you can keep track of your health and stay healthy.