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81% of all iPhones are now running iOS 16

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In contrast to the Android devices, the iOS upgrades from Apple are rolled out for devices sooner. For this reason, Apple’s operating system stands out from Android. On the other hand, Android has different levels of manufacturer skins that are required to be adapted to a new version. furthermore, Apple itself is self-sufficient in both hardware as well as software segments.

Previously, the company introduced the iOS 16 upgrades last September. As per recent reports, the new upgrades have reached 81% of the iPhones in the wild. iOS 15 is installed on 13% of all iPhones (and 8% of those released in the last four years), while the remaining boot an earlier version.

Coming towards the tablets, almost 71% of all iPads run iPadOS 16. Around 20% of tablets are based on the older iPadOS 15 version. Of all the tablets introduced in the last four years, 76% of tablets are based on iPadOS 16, thus holding a big market share. Whereas only 18% of these devices are based on iPadOS 15.

Android 13 is the latest version for Android smartphones and tablets. Just a quick comparison between Android and iOS reveals that only 12% of Android devices run the latest version of Android. Whereas Android 13 was introduced in August 2022. The tech firm Google rolled out the latest numbers regarding the Android 13 updates back in April.

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