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Gurman: At WWDC, Apple might announce the removal of the “Hey Siri” trigger phrase


At next week’s WWDC keynote, Apple may make a significant modification to Siri. The company could do away with the “Hey Siri” trigger phrase. As of now, it is required to activate the virtual assistant hands-free. This is according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Gurman reaffirmed in a subsequent tweet that the modification to the Siri trigger phrase might be one of the announcements made the following week. According to Gurman’s claim from November, Apple is developing a method for Siri to understand and respond to orders without the requirement for the trigger word “Hey Siri.” Users will only need to say “Siri” in place of this.

The business is putting in an effort to eliminate the “Hey” from the trigger word so that a user only needs to say “Siri”—along with a command. Even though it might appear to be a little modification, making the switch is a technical difficulty that calls for extensive AI training and underpinning engineering work.

Given this modification, Siri will closely resemble the voice assistant of Amazon. Since it can be activated by just saying Alexa and giving a subsequent command. as of now, the Cupertino-based tech firm is working on better integration of Siri with various third-party apps and services. In this way. these apps and services will be able to provide better assistance.

Previously, Gurman claimed that the company will introduce the modifications for Siri at some point in 2023 or next year. However, his recent tweet indicates the possibility of the announcement at WWDC next week. Some rumors indicate that the mixed-reality headset by Apple will feature voice controls. In this perspective, improvements to Siri are just necessary.

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