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87% of US teenagers are iPhone users: Report


In the US, when you mean a smartphone, you often just say iPhone. Apple’s smartphones are apparently standard equipment, especially among young people, as almost 90 percent of all American teenagers use a mobile phone with iOS, according to a new survey. Like the US magazine Axios citing a Study by the investment bank Piper Sandler reported, a full 87 percent of all respondents of the relevant age stated in a survey that they use an Apple iPhone. Above all, one thing is clear:

Apple was able to further consolidate its presence in the important young target group. Meanwhile, other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and the providers of alternative services are left behind. Both Android and the smartphones from other manufacturers equipped with it and many services from Google and other providers as well as alternatives to popular Apple products such as iMessage and FaceTime, therefore, have an extremely difficult time with US teenagers.

Users likely to remain loyal

Since Apple can apparently win over customers at a young age, the preferred use of its products by these users is likely to change only to a limited extent with advancing age. So it is not surprising that 88 percent of those surveyed still want to buy iPhones, according to the Piper Sandler study.

For its study, the company surveyed around 10,000 young people within a month from mid-August to mid-September 2021. The survey was carried out in a total of 44 US states and covered various other topics in addition to questions about the use of devices and mobile services. Among other things, it was found that Snapchat is still the most popular app for 35 percent of those surveyed, while 30 percent preferred TikTok and 22 percent Instagram.