AirTags: How to reset the bluetooth tracker

Apple has presented a Bluetooth tracker for the first time. The AirTags are very popular because they make it easier to find lost items. We’ll tell you how to reset the tracker.

We’ll tell you how to reset the AirTag Bluetooth tracker.

  • Each AirTag can only be linked to one Apple ID.
  • To connect the tracker to another Apple account, you have to reset it.

The US company Apple presented its in-house Bluetooth tracker AirTag for the first time in April. The small devices are very popular because you can use the “Where is?” App to quickly search for lost items. Each AirTag can only be linked to one Apple ID. But what if you want to use the tracker with a different Apple account? We’ll tell you how to reset the little tracker. How to reset the AirTag:

  • 1. Push the battery cover down and turn it counterclockwise
  • 2. Removes the cover
  • 3. Removes the battery
  • 4. Install the battery
  • 5. Press the battery until you hear a sound
  • 6. If the sound stops playing, repeat removing and inserting the battery and pressing the battery four more times.
  • 7. The fifth tone should be different from the four previous ones. This indicates that the AirTag is ready to pair again
  • 8. Reattach the cover and press it down
  • 9. Rotates the battery cover clockwise

Would you like to pair your AirTag with another Apple device or give it away? Then you can also open the “Where is?” App on your iPhone and remove the corresponding AirTag. It can then be connected to another device.

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